Rector’s Page

A man called Gerry Lynch in a dark clergyman's suit and dog collar in front of a tall church spire.

Holy Week in the Wellsprings Benefice

In Holy Week, we walk with Jesus on the greatest journey ever taken; from the hero-worship of the crowds as the week begins, we walk with Him to the supper with His friends that changed the world through love, through to His brutal execution, and finally to the joyful surprise of finding He is has risen from the dead to open the way to eternal life for us. Coming together as a Benefice gives us the scope to keep the Holy Week services with all their spiritual richness and variety in prayer.

From Monday to Wednesday we will gather for half an hour for a reflection on how the Holy Week story touches our lives today, prayers from the monks’ ancient pattern of night prayer, and ‘Ignatian prayer’, guiding our imagination to bring the Bible to life in our hearts.

Monday 25 March, 6.30-7.00 pm, St Mary’s, Potterne

‘Suffering.’ More than our own suffering, it is the suffering of those we love, and of the innocent and most vulnerable, that can make us doubt God. How can a good God allow so much pain?

Tuesday 26 March, 6.30-7.00 pm, Christ Church, Worton

‘New Life.’ We are often haunted by our mistakes and lost opportunities. Yet new life is all around us at this time of year. What does it mean to start again when it is so often our mistakes that make us what we are.

Wednesday 27 March, 6.30-7.00 pm, Christ Church, Bulkington

‘Winning.’ Everyone wants to be a winner at life. Yet some of those most determined to pursue success end up being unhappy, while some of the happiest people aren’t successful by the world’s standards. What does it mean to win at life in God’s terms?

Maundy Thursday, 28 March, 6.30-8.30 pm, St Peter’s, Poulshot

Starting with a simple shared supper for ourselves, we celebrate Jesus’ supper with friends which was the first Holy Communion. If you are coming to the meal, please let Jane Knowles know for catering purposes on

After the service, the watch at the Garden of Remembrance will be kept until 10 pm. People are free to come and go from this as they please.

Good Friday, 29 March, 10 am – 12 noon, Holy Cross, Seend

‘Easter Workshop’ – a fun-packed event for kids and kids at heart to learn the Easter story, with lots of do and sing. Highly fidgeter-friendly!

Good Friday, 29 March, 2-3 pm, Holy Cross, Seend

‘The Last Hour’ – prayer and meditation at the foot of the Cross to commemorate Christ’s sacrifice for us.

Easter Eve, 30 March, 7.00-8.15 pm, St Mary’s, Potterne

‘The Easter Vigil’ – Starting with a bonfire in the twilit churchyard, we process into the dark church in candle light, and then slowly turn it into a cathedral of light, joyful bells, and singing as we celebrate Jesus Christ, risen from the dead to open the way to eternal life for us.

Easter Day services in all our churches as normal! 9.30 am in Poulshot and Worton; 10 am in Bulkington; 11 am in Potterne and Seend.